Kyoto Furoshiki Store: Karakusaya, Kakefuda

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    I read the furoshiki article at Kyoto Foodie and really want to get some when I am visiting in Kyoto. Are there some other stores there selling nice furoshikis? It is a common product for Japanese so it is popular. Is that correct?

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  2. Three Furoshiki Shops in Kyoto

    Kakefuda was originally a small workshop that dyed fabric. Now Kakefuda only produces and sells furoshiki and is the only furoshiki store in Kyoto that does design, pattern curving, dying and sewing. All furoshiki, from start to finish are made in under one roof. While Kakefuda offers some traditional designs it is best known for it's very funky, modern and colorful designs, all of which are their originals.

    Kakefuda Map Location

    website (no English):
    Kyoto-shi Higashiyama-ku Higashioji-dori, Komonzen-agaru, Takabatake-cho 609 (京都市東山区東大路通古門前上ル高畑町609)
    tel: 075-821-3230

    Karakusaya is a small shop located in Muromachi, the old kimono dyeing district. While the shop is small, it's parent company is Japan's largest furoshiki wholesaler. Karakusaya has a very good collection of furoshiki that are high quality and tend toward the traditional in design. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

    KyotoFoodie article:

    Karakusaya Map Location

    website: no English website
    Kyoto-shi Nakagyo-ku, Muromachi Rokkaku-sagaru Funayama-cho 510 (京都市中京区室町六角下ル鯉山町510番地)
    tel: 075-221-0390

    Otutumi Ihee ENVERAAK 伊兵衛 ENVERAAK
    This store owned by Eirakuya Group, a large cotton wholesaler that started business in 1615. Their furoshiki stores are very new and their simple patterns are combination of traditional and modern geared toward teenagers.

    ENVERAAK is quite a mouthful in Japanese and we are still guessing how to pronounce the name of the store. When asked, the not too bright staff can't explain the meaning of the store name. Kind a makes you wonder.

    Shijo Store 四条店
    location: Otutumi Ihee ENVERAAK Shijo-ten is near the Shijo-Kawaramachi intersection. It is on the north side of Shijo Street about 1 or 2 minutes on foot south from Kawaramachi Street. It is on the opposite side of the street from Takashimaya Department Store
    tel: 075-222-1622

    Gion Store 祇園店
    location: Otutumi Ihee ENVERAAK Gion-ten is located on Shijo Street about half way between Kawabata Street and Higashi-oji Street. It is on the south side of Shijo Street.
    tel: 075-551-3534

    website (no English)

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    Hi Peko,

    Thanks! Its great information, thank you!

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  4. Did an article on OpenKyoto about these three stores. There are large photos of the storefronts and Google Maps.

    Where to Buy Furoshiki in Kyoto: Karakusaya and Kakefuda

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  5. archer_root

    Sou Sou is a Kyoto clothier which draws upon Japanese fashion tradition for its own design. They have a furoshiki shop, as well as a shop for mens' fashion, womens' fashion, jikitabi, and bicycle fashion. All distinct shops in the same neighborhood.

    Here's a map:,0,814891330499910548&ei=_UzpSvorkPbqA-yeuOYL&ved=0CBAQnwIwAA&ll=35.004796,135.767713&spn=0.010124,0.017874&t=h&z=16&iwloc=A

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  6. SouSou has a furoshiki shop now? I have to check that one out!

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