Häagen-Dazs Japan SpoonVege Carrot-Orange and Tomato-Cherry Ice Cream

Greetings from Kyoto

Wow, Häagen-Dazs Japan has really outdone itself now! Out comes SpoonVege, vegetable flavored ice cream! (OK, it is fruit and vegetable.) This is completely new and just appeared a few weeks ago. I did a double take when I first saw it in the freezer case in the super market. SpoonVege comes in two flavors, carrot-orange and tomato-cherry. As you can imagine one is orange and the other is red. The taste of the veggies is definite and pronounced. It isn’t just fruity tasting ice cream with a little bit of vegetable juice added so they make a very eye catching name and package. Vegetable flavored ice cream is rather counter intuitive to me, to say the least, but both flavors where very tasty.

I have published quite a few postcards here about Häagen-Dazs Japan‘s novel flavors and products. Be sure to check them out!


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