Kyoto Sake Bar Madoka — CLOSED

Greetings from Kyoto

Sadly, Madoka is now closed.

I visited a sake bar in Kyoto that was new to me called Madoka (欒 まどか). Madoka is located just north of Nishiki Market on Sakaimachi-dori Street. Madoka is a sophisticated and elegant sake bar for grownups, in the heart of Kyoto and is situated in an old Kyoto ‘machiya’ townhouse. The interior has been beautifully renovated with lots of Japanese wood and ‘tsuchikabe’ earthen walls. From one look at the place, I would say the owner is into the tea ceremony!

Madoka offers an excellent line-up of ‘namazake‘, fresh, unpasteurized sake (the only sake I will now drink) as well as the other varieties. Beer and shochu is also available. The tsumami, a kind of snack that Japanese eat while drinking, were very good.

The restroom is great! It features the first toilet I have seen that has a light inside it! Opening the toilet covers causes music to plays. Also the wastebasket in the restroom is somehow affixed to the wall or floor at an angle. All, very interesting.

Madoka is owned by Fuka, the famous Kyoto fu (wheat gluten) purveyor. Fuka also owns the Michelin two star restaurant Kajitsu, in New York City.

When I left, the proprietor gave me a box of fu manju from Fuka. Fu manju is raw fu wagashi filled with sweet bean paste and wrapped in a bamboo leaf. More: Kyoto Fuka Fu Manju

(Sorry about the quality of the photos. I only had my iPhone with me. The dark photos do convey the actual atmosphere of Madoka.)

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  1. […] partaking in some fine sake enjoyed with fine company at Madoka, the proprietor gave me a box of fu manju, a kind of Kyoto wagashi made from raw wheat gluten […]

  2. BG says:

    This place sounds lovely, but I cannot find it on Google Maps. Is it still in business?

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