Matsutake Pine Mushroom, Pancetta & Yuzu Pasta Carbonara

Greetings from Kyoto

Now this was good! I made carbonara pasta with matsutake (pine mushroom), pancetta and yuzu. Domestically harvested matsutake are insanely expensive in Japan. I have a theory that anything super expensive is best eaten raw or cooked very quickly, otherwise the subtlety of the ‘expensive’ flavor is soon lost in the heat. So, I didn’t use Japanese pine mushrooms but some cheaper imported from North America (that is where I am from). To make this taste the way I wanted it to, I needed quite a bit of pancetta, and in Japan it is fairly difficult to find and quite expensive. (Due to the amount of money spent on pancetta for this dish, I now have 10 kilos of homemade pancetta on the cure. More on that pretty soon. Not going to buy what is easy and cheap to make again if I don’t have to. Plus, mine will surely be better.) I think the point is plenty of egg yolk, for a serving of two, I used three egg yolks and one whole egg. Also, use plenty of cheese. I zested two yuzu onto the pasta upon serving. Then, quickly cut the yuzu into sections, placed in cheese cloth and squeezed the juice over the served carbona. Wow! A pretty quick and very tasty seasonal autumn meal.

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