Osaka Restaurant: Italian Izakaya ‘Shoku Mashika’

Greetings from Kyoto

I was in Osaka everyday for a week helping out on a story for Wall Street Journal Magazine about culinary trends in Osaka. Via interviews and photo shoots, I got to meet a number of really great chefs, visit their restaurants and become familiar with their cuisine.

One of the places we visited was ‘Shoku Mashika’ (食 ましか), which is a very unique place. By day it is a cigarette shop, run by grandma and by night it is a very popular Italian-style izakaya, run by the grandson – quite a combination!! The cuisine is Japanese-Italian fusion and the atmosphere is very casual. Drinks and appetizers are self-service. The other dishes are prepared in the open kitchen which is about one half of the floor space of the tiny establishment.

During the interview with the owner and chef, I knew that I had to try this restaurant — and soon — and went back that evening for dinner.

The food is inventive and excellent, the atmosphere, unlike stuffy old Kyoto, is very friendly and casual. Dinner was reasonably priced.

I will definitely be hitting this place for dinner when I am in Osaka!

Shoku Mashika 食 ましか
website: none
tel: 06-6443-0148 (probably they don’t speak English)
address: Osaka-shi, Nishi-ku, Edobori 1-19-15 (大阪市西区江戸堀1-19-15)

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