Shang Xia Store Shanghai – A Brand with Culture

Greetings from Kyoto

I got to visit Shang Xia (上下) for several days and learn more about their completely unique brand. Backed by Hermes, Shang Xia is the first Asian luxury goods brand. Shang Xia is based in Shanghai and currently has one retail store there. (Beijing and Paris stores are scheduled to open later in 2012.) I thought that China, as the ‘world’s factory’, just made low-end, mass-produced, commodity products. A single Shang Xia product can take several months for an artisan to create and have price points that rival any luxury brand. My favorite thing about Shang Xia is that their products have deep and authentic culture. The big name European fashion houses can’t really say the same.

The Shang Xia Shanghai store has a very soft and dreamy interior with the space ‘sculpted’ out of textured paper. Shang Xia collaborated with Japanese architect Kengo Kuma on the design.

Shang Xia has product categories that include apparel, furniture, jewelry and tea and culinary. The products are meticulously designed and handcrafted by the most capable traditional artisans in Asia. I can’t wait to see what Shang Xia can do with Kyoto!

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