Wagyu Beef Stroganoff with Iyokan Citrus Cream

Greetings from Kyoto

I somehow got a hankering for Beef Stroganoff, which I have never made and don’t recall eating since I was a kid but a few times. I searched online and found some articles and videos on how to make this dish and then went about making my own, slightly Japanese version.

I used a whole lot of Western spices with a focus on juniper berry. I selected some beautifully marbled wagyu beef (和牛) which I sauteed with the spice mix and some Kyoto ‘kujo negi‘ scallions (九条ねぎ). Unfortunately I didn’t have time to make crème fraiche so I used sour cream. I stirred in the juice of an iyokan (伊予柑), a variety of Japanese citrus, to the sour cream. The noodles were fresh fettuccine pasta (not homemade). For garnish, I used young scallions and iyokan zest.

It was an excellent meal which we enjoyed with red wine. I want to make this one again, but oh the calories; pasta, wagyu and cream. Not a good combination!


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