Yuzu Miso Marinated Wagyu Beef Donburi

Greetings from Kyoto

Yuzu Miso Marinated Wagyu Beef Donburi (和牛柚子味噌漬丼): As good as this may look, I was quite underwhelmed. I think this is really two dishes. I tried combine miso-marinated beef but make it ‘roast beefy’. But, they should be two separate dishes, I think. This was unfocused and mediocre. Also, I wanted lots of greens, this was too much. Greens in donburi should be minimal, just have a real salad on the side.

This KF article was my inspiration, but this homage fell short: Wagyu Roast Beef with Onion Shoyu Sauce Donburi.

Oh, and this was good reference.
Heston’s Great British Food: Roast Beef Dinner
How To Cook Like Heston: Beef

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