Introducing Takaokaya — Handcrafted Cushions and Bedding from Kyoto

Takaokaya: Handcrafted Contemporary & Traditional Zabuton Cushions and Futon Bedding from Kyoto Since 1919

Takaokaya -- Handmade Contemporary Futon and Zabuton Cushions from Kyoto since 1919

Brand Story
Takaokaya is a producer of handmade zabuton cushions and futon bedding in the ancient capital of Kyoto.Takaokaya Brand Story -- Historic Storefront & Neighborhood Photo
Our stylish, high quality range of furnishings are designed to harmonize any living space and bring the relaxing Japanese art of ‘Kutsurogi’ to your life.

 Koichiro Takaoka, Takaokaya’s third generation proprietor, says “People in Japan, are re-evaluating their lifestyles and what matters most to them. While mass production has brought benefits, something is missing. That is heart and soul. If we use products with heart and soul, then our lives will be made much, much richer and more meaningful!”

Takaokaya’s Popular Ojami Cushion Collections — A stylish, harmonious blend of old and new
Takaokaya products bring the Art of Kutsurogi and authentic Japanese living into your home. Our products are lovingly handcrafted in Kyoto by our team of meticulous artisans. The ojami is an original cushion developed by Takaokaya over the last decade. The unique shape is inspired by the ancient Japanese beanbag toy called ‘tedama’, or ‘ojami’ in Kyoto dialect.

Kyoto Takaokaya Handmade Cushions Throw Pillow Ojami Collections
The ojami cushion is a funky, modern take on the tedama, a traditional Japanese beanbag toy that was filled with azuki beans. Handcrafted by our skilled Kyoto artisans, ojami come in a rich variety of colors, fabric coverings, fillings, sizes and shapes to suit your taste and lifestyle. Amazingly comfortable and of a unique geometrical shape, functionally these cushions are designed for posture support and correction, and to be a beautiful decorative object suitable to any living or working space. See all Ojami Cushion Collections here.

Takaokaya Collection — Our Product Range
Takaokaya’s range of cushions and bedding includes zabuton and ojami cushions in a rich variety of sizes, shapes, colors, fabric coverings and fillings.

Kyoto Takaokaya Product Range -- Cojami, Ojami Settee, Ojami Flat, Kyoto Zabuton, Round Zabuton, Gorone Nap Roll Futon, Kyoto Futon

Ojami: Novel shaped cushion based on traditional Japanese beanbag toy.
Ojami Settee: Super-sized Ojami — beyond luxurious!
Ojami Flat: An Ojami to put on Western-style chairs, makes a hard wooden seat comfy and warm.
Cojami: A cute little Ojami perfect for nap pillow, yoga and meditation support.
Kyoto Zabuton: Our traditional Kyoto-style square cushion.
Round Zabuton: Our traditional Kyoto-style round cushion.
Gorone Nap Roll Futon: Portable and convenient size futon for afternoon naps.
Kyoto-style Futon: Our traditional Kyoto-style futon, comes in summer and winter versions.
See all Products here.

Pride of the Artisan: Why We Are Special
Kyoto, the ancient capital, with more than 1,200 years of history, was the seat of the imperial household. Artists and artisans all over Japan honed their art and craft in hopes of being able to move to Kyoto and vie to serve the aristocracy and ultimately, the emperor.
Kyoto Takaokaya Handmade Cushions & Throw Pillow Artisan Process
Refined craftsmanship is deeply ingrained in both the DNA of Kyoto and Takaokaya.

Together, our artisans have the equivalent of several centuries of experience handcrafting relaxing ‘Kutsurogi’ products. When we say handcrafted, we mean it. The only machine you will find in our workshop is a sewing machine!

Meet Some of Our Craftsmen and Women

Our superb craftsmen and women take pride in their work.
Kyoto Takaokaya Handmade Cushions Throw Pillow Artisan Craftsmen and Women
Fabric Cutting Team: Ms. Yoko Imura “This ojami was made in collaboration with a French fabric brand called Casamance. We are always using new fabrics, many from overseas.”
Sewing Team: Ms. Keiko Wakabayashi “I like these boomerang-shaped zabuton – they’re unusual and you don’t see them anywhere else.”
Stuffing Team: Mr. Shizuo Baba “I have been working here for two decades, so the traditional Kyoto Zabuton cushions are close to my heart!”
Close Stitching Team: Ms. Fuka Miyazaki “I know our products are very durable and comfy – after all, I lovingly hand-stitch them closed one by one!”

Kutsurogi — Relaxing in Style

‘Kutsurogi’ may be translated as ‘to relax’ or to ‘feel at home.’ In Japan, though, Kutsurogi is something more: it’s a way of life. At Takaokaya, we have a manifesto to bring Kutsurogi to life.
Kyoto Takaokaya Kutsurogi Manifesto CEO Koichiro Takaoka Photo
Koichiro Takaoka, Takaokaya’s Third Generation Proprietor

Kutsurogi Manifesto

1. We bring the Japanese ‘Art of Kutsurogi’ to your home.
2. We are committed to handcrafted products and the future of Kyoto craftsmanship.
3. We use only the finest materials.
4. We keep your comfort in mind.
5. We create beautiful, chic and stylish products.
6. We promote Omotenashi, the traditional Kyoto spirit of hospitality.
7. We value our customers.

Kyoto Takaokaya Style
Takaokaya products are designed to harmonize with both Western and Japanese interiors.
Takaokaya Ojami Cushion Interior Scene: Western-style Sofa Throw Pillows

Takaokaya Ojami Cushion Interior Scene: Western-style Sofa Throw Pillows

Takaokaya Ojami Cushion Interior Scene: Western-style Sofa Throw Pillows

Takaokaya Ojami Cushion Interior Scene: Western-style Sofa Throw Pillows

Takaokaya Ojami Cushion Interior Scene: Western-style Bed Throw Pillows

Takaokaya Ojami Cushion Interior Scene: Modern Interior Sofa Throw Pillows

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